Verdy x Haus Dosan Cap Black

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Verdy x Haus Dosan Cap Black
399,00 zł

· Producent: South Korea

· Materiał: 100% bawełna

*pole wymagane



Titled “CRASH LANDING” and housed in HAUS DOSAN, which is the flagship retail store for the Gentle Monster group of brands including Gentle Monster, Tamburins and Nudake, the tripartite collab sees the space transform into a beer warehouse.

The exhibition features Verdy’s signature character VICK crash-landing into the beer warehouse. Visitors can try their luck spotting VICK hidden throughout the concept space. In addition, Verdy’s streetwear label Wasted Youth and Budweiser will be offering a range of exclusive merch, alongside more Verdy x HAUS DOSAN merch.

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Informacje dodatkowe

Kolor Czarny
Producent Verdy

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